Assistencia Emergencia – 112
Guardia Civil                     971 660161
Fire                                   112
Ambulance                       112
Police                                091

List of Pharmacys Open on Sundays etc

If seeking medical treatment on the island of Mallorca,  if you are a EU citizen, then you should have a card issued by your government which may entitle you  to medical care under a mutual reciprocal agreement.

In the UK, you may have a EHIC card /  European Health Insurance Card,  and with this you can go to any public hospital to seek medical treatment. Click Here for further info or to apply for it.

United Kingdom.
Phone: +44 191 218 1999.
Fax: +44 191 225 2131.
Email:  Overseas.Healthcare@dwp.gsi.gov.uk

At most hotels will be able to obtain a doctor to visit you at your hotel if you are feeling unwell, but you are likely to receive a bill, and will have to pay on the spot.

If you have travel insurance, please make sure you notify the appointed Emergency Assistance Provider if you need medical attention.