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Help with documentation and NIE renewal, etc. Translators etc.

Paperwork can be difficult to sort out here if you speak the language or not and  hope that some of the below information is useful in some way.

Our website is just a guide as things can and do change.  Gestorias can help with this sort of thing, but that will cost you money.

Foreigners and Immigration –  Official page

Obtain NIE Number

Click here to be taken to the page where you can start to register for your NIE –  Numero Identidad Extranjero, where you can book an appointment online.

Once you have your NIE, and have been registered as an official foreigner to the island, you can then register for your digital signature or CLAVE.

  • Access my social security number online /  click here


In order to sort out paperwork here in Mallorca, if you register for a Digital Signature you can access all sorts of information.

  • Medical Records
  • Tax Info
  • Employment History
  • Property Info
  • Pay fines
  • Traffico Info –  Obtain report on potential purchase of a vehicle

Instructions on how to obtain your digital signature – Link to Instructions in Spanish –  Click Here


Click on the following image

  • Then click on Enviar Peticion to complete your request…
  • You should receive an email with a number.
  • Take this number to your local town hall office, and ask for your digital signature to be registered.
  • Then you will need to Validate your Signatutre, and then download to your computer.
  • (The certificate must be downloaded by the same user on the same PC and browser as the ones used to file the application and all data required must be provided in exactly the same manner.)




As an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists in the UK they can provide signed translations of Spanish documents that you may require to present to the UK national authorities (such as Birth Certificate translations for passport applications).

They also provide Official Spanish translations required for official administrative procedures (sworn translations) in Spain (such as marriage certificate translations etc. for residency applications).

  • Palma Translations    Providing a wide range of translation services into Spanish, from  certified   to technical translations, as well as the   translation of any kind   of document and interpretation services in the courts of justice in Mallorca  – Tel +34 620 192 609 –


Traffico –  To change the address of your vehicle with Traffico, you will need to make an appointment  ( cita previa),  which you can do online at   Make sure you have already changed your address on the census ( empadronamiento) with your local town hall ( ayuntamiento), as they will not make the change unless this has been done.

Some local government offices may change the address with Traffico on the same appointment as your empadronamiento.

Emprendix – Car papers transfer service


Buying Property – useful Links

Land Registry Llucmajor / Registradores de España / Info de Catastral




Please see some our other pages and posts for further information.

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