Towns of Mallorca

Mallorca Towns /Town Halls

Each Ayuntamiento has its own website and we have included links for some of them below.

Below is a list of the main towns in Mallorca.

These are the main towns listed below on the island of Mallorca. Each town has its own town hall ( ayuntamiento).  If you are new to the island, you should register with your local town hall as a resident.

Certifcate of viatje

You will need to register with local town hall if you want to obtain a certifcate  of viatje ( to obtain travel discount to mainland ).

Residents of Mallorca get discount on flights / ferries to and from the mainland.

In order to register with your local town hall,  ( empadromiento) you will need to bring :-

  • a copy of your passport / nie ( and original )
  • copy of your rental agreement, or deeds to your house   ( and original )
  • last receipt for rental ( if renting your home)

Current cost for a paper to confirm your empadromiento – €1.30   ( this may have changed )

You can now obtain this online.

 Lloret de Vistalegre    
 Mancor de la Vall    
 Maria de la Salut    
Sa Pobla    
Ses Salines    
Sant Joan    
Sant Llorenç des Cardassar    
Santa Eugènia    
Santa Margalida    
Santa Maria del Camí    
 Son Servera    
Vilafranca de Bonany    




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