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How can i renew my NIE?

Foreigners and Immigration –  Official page

Obtain NIE Number – Click here to be taken to the page where you can start to register for your NIE –  Numero Identidad Extranjero, where you can book an appointment online.

How can I get a digital signature in order to look at my information online, etc ?

Instructions on how to obtain your digital signature – Link to Instructions in Spanish –  Click Here

Once you have your NIE, and have been registered as an official foreigner to the island, you can then register for your digital signature.

FNMT –  http://www.cert.fnmt.es/

Click on the following image on the page on the internet.

–  Obtaining a Software Certificate

 Complete the following info :

  • Then click on Enviar Peticion to complete your request…
  • You should receive an email with a number.
  • Take this number to your local town hall office, and ask for your digital signature to be registered.
  • Then you will need to Validate your Signatutre, and then download to your computer. (The certificate must be downloaded by the same user on the same PC and browser as the ones used to file the application and all data required must be provided in exactly the same manner.

  How can I obtain a Spanish EHIC ?

EHIC for Mallorca Residents  – If you are a resident here, and need the European Card to receive healthcare whilst on holiday , then you can apply for one here online. It should arrive within a few days once requested.  Application and Renewal

  How can I get a Spanish Medical Card ?

You need to be registered with the social security and have a social security number to obtain a Spanish Medical Card, and be in the system as a worker before you can receive any benefit.

Pensioners who have the right to healthcare in the UK, and receiving pension whilst living in Mallorca… you can have your healthcare transferred so you receive the tarjeta sanitaria,  which will cover most of your healthcare needs.

  • If you are over pensionable age, you can apply through the DWP to obtain the necessary form (S1, used to be the form E121) , which you would then need to take to your local social security office,  and then you should be issued with your Spanish “Tarjeta Sanitaria”

    How much notice is a landlord required to give if he / she wants you to vacate a property?

    2 Months is the norm. Also an owner can start the process for legal eviction after one month without payment.

How do I get a social security number ?

You can get this by going to a social security office, and they can issue it to you. You will need copy of your NIE, and also copy of your passport when you do this.  You will also need to arrange an appointment in advance for this.  CITA PREVIA / Appointment

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