Mallorca Open 24 Hours

Businesses and shops that are open 24/7 here in Mallorca.

This information includes pharmacy, veterinary services, and emergency groceries that you can purchase 24/7, all in the Palma De Mallorca area.

If you need urgent medication, please see the 24 hour pharmacy that is open in Palma de Mallorca


*** 24 Hour Pharmacy ***  –  Farmacia aspar Real Vicens – Carrer d’Aragó, 70, 07005 Palma, Illes Balears

Tel 971272501



Also sells drinks,  and a few basics.  Overnight purchase is through the window  – no entry into the shop.
Ctra. de Manacor, 26, 07006 Palma, Illes Balears


Palma De Mallorca Airport

 The airport is open 24 hours, and there are some areas open during this time but for travelling passengers and not to the general public, apart from the Medical Services :

    • Duty-Free & Shopping: Duty-Free is available, and one is open 24 hours a day during peak season.
    • Food & Drinks: Coffee available 24 hours on Floor 4, Departures, Airside.
    • Medical Services: 24/7 First Aid is available on Floor 2, Check-in Area

Open Late, but not 24/7

Opencor ( Palma de Mallorca )

C/ Ramón y Cajal, 17 – Palma De Mallorca   

Access the map

Abierto de: 08:00h. a 02:00h.

Tel.: 971 451 834 Fax.: 971 450 006

If you have a business that is open 24/7 and you wish to be listed here, please contact us directly. 

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